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.:i met morrissey in los angeles - 4/26/2003:.
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i met morrissey again on 4/26/2003
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Plans had been made for me to leave Los Angeles & move to my town of birth. A last minute get-together was in the works. My friend Jeff called to confirm if the par-tay was still going to happen. I said yes & gave him some directions but he wasn't too sure on where it was. I do not blame him, it took me a long time to adjust to the Los Angeles area. On a whim, I told him to just meet me at Morrissey's house at 12:30pm.

His house is a place I wanted to go to once more since I was leaving Los Angeles. Sure there are many landmarks all over but this was a place I knew I would not get lost or take too much time to find & I knew Jeff could get there with no problem as well. I left my house & since I wasn't prepared the first time I met Morrissey I have always had CD sleeves, a sharpie & such in my car with me as well as my digital camera ever since the first time I met him. The digital camera was in my car almost everyday anyway cos hell, this is LA, you never what celebrity you are going to run into on the street.

So I arrived about two minutes before Jeff did & then we talked for about five minutes. We had seen each other since the fall of last year & we talked a bit about when we each met Morrissey a few days apart. Then that whole A-O fiasco. We both imagined how it would be if Morrissey was to just drive up while we were there. I then told him to go ahead & follow me to my condo before we decided to leave & that is when we heard a car coming up.

We both froze. I remember my sister's face when we met him in 2002. He got out of his car & was carrying two bags from a bookstore called Book Soup. I never asked him what he had purchased. I asked how he was doing & he said, "Quite nice, thank you." He then said that Jeff looked familiar & Jeff responded that he was there before with Chris from - then Morrissey finished his sentence - "Ambitious Outsiders, right." Jeff then mentioned a Vegas show where - Morrissey finished his sentence again - "You were in the front row." Jeff was too excited.

He then asked about my brown car & I told him that I donated it to a non-profit organization & that it was very sad because of all my adventures in it. (One being when I have HIM a tour of car with my stickers.) I mentioned to Morrissey that I was moving back to Houston & that everyone at work had been asking me what my favorite thing about LA was & that I wasn't too sure. I said that I had my favorite things about Houston but there were too many things in Los Angeles for ONE thing to be my favorite. With all that said I asked, "What is your favorite thing about Los Angeles?" He said, "Oooh, I will have to think about that."

At this point Jeff was asking questions & I was a bit lost in the fact that I was there, asking Morrissey questions as casual as could be & I wasn't sure when it was going to end. Morrissey confirmed all sorts of rumours. He said that his car was vandalized by some people in the past. He then stopped & pointed at the sky, "The weather (then pointed up at the sky). The weather is my favorite thing." I froze again, thinking in my head, "he actually thought about it," & I told him that I was going to have to steal his favorite thing cos the weather is the best in Los Angeles.

"Did you ever see the Ambitious-Outsiders website?" Jeff asked. Morrissey said that he did not surf the internet. He said he used to but stopped because the people, his fans, were so mean on fan sites. I told him that people were always emailing me for address after I met him. "Everyone knows it already," he said with what seemed like joy. "My sister, who is in Texas, gets more emails than I do but she just ignores them." Then I told him that I was teasing her about the whole Johnny Deep thing then There Morrissey was, standing outside waiting for a ride - he laughed. Jeff asked if he did live next door to the famous star. Morrissey pointed to which one it was saying, "Very kind man."

Jeff brought up something about Morrissey calling Maverick up about a record deal & them requesting a demo tape & Morrissey hanging up on them. Morrissey thought that one was funny. He said that there were many songs for an album but no record deal & he also said that there was no tour anytime soon. He said those two last things with a sigh. Seemed like a sigh of relief. Who knows what the sigh meant though.

We asked him about what brands of clothes he likes cos "one of Morrissey photographers" told Jeff that he liked Tommy Hilfiger & Morrissey was like, "Oh, no. Hilfiger?." We just laughed. "I like (a brand I do not remember)... do you know it?" Morrissey asked. I just stood there with a blank face. "We know you like Gucci," I said. And Morrissey nodded, "Oh yes," with a smile, "Gucci is very nice."

I asked him if he had received the Gene Sleep Well Tonight vinyl record single I had left for him about two weeks after his birthday last year with a note that said "I hope you don't already have this in your collection, Happy Birthday" & he asked where I left it, because he never saw it. I told him I placed as far as my arm could reach behind the gate. He said that people jump his gate, go into his mailbox & that it is horrible. "I'm sorry, I never received it," he said after. He said that he did not mind his fans going up but the people that go there for the wrong reasons, that go through his trash, that go beyond the locked gate shouldn't.

I told him that "the first time I met you, it was very special to me because I was with my sister & she gave your music during a family trip in Mexico. I let him know that I had questions in my head to ask him ever since the first time when we only had like four or five minutes & I wanted to ask him how he felt about seeing his fans with pompadours, even girls & he said that he enjoyed it very much. At this point I said, "We have taken a lot of your time, he disagreed, "No trouble at all" & I asked if I could take some pictures & if he would mind signing a sleeve for me. He said, "Oh, of course."

I had five sleeves: The Last of the Famous International Playboys single, Bona Drag, Beethoven Was Deaf & Louder Than Bombs. I asked him to pick his favorite cover & to sign it for me. I flipped through them & saw the Louder Than Bombs sleeve & said, "Oh I did not know that was in there." And he responded with, "That is actually my favorite." I was a bit surprised. I then asked him if he would sign the inside of Beethoven Was Deaf to me & he said, "It was Abraham [sic], right?" I said yes, a bit shocked that he remembered & spelled it for him with the N at the end. He said, "Hmmm, that is interesting." I took pictures while he was signing them.

He signed a couple of Zines for Jeff & I gave Jeff the camera to take a picture of me with Morrissey. I told Morrissey, "People asked me if I hugged you when I first met you & I tell them I don't know" - at the words "tell them" Morrissey had put his hand on my back & I got lost in what I was saying. He asked, "Is that what you say?" I just laughed, "No, sorry. I tell them I was too nervous to ask for anything." That is when asked him if he would sign my arm. His eyes grew & he said of course he would.

"Would you like the signature or block letters," he asked. I responded with, "I am not sure," and he continued, "block letters would be best." I shook his hand once again & asked him to keep making music & keep performing. "When you are a hundred years old & you have a concert we will be there." He said, "I am nearly there." I told him, "No, you're not!" he smiled.

I thanked him for his time & told him again that I was glad I was able to see him again, "Even just gaze at your beautiful home once more before I left would have been enough, thank you." He thanked me. Jeff said he always wondered if he had a pool & Morrissey said he had no pool.

I got into my car & Jeff into his & we drove off. We were both thirsty so we stopped at a 7-11. Andrew Dice Clay was in there buying ICEEs with his two boys. "They are having a great special on these things. Oh look at you two! You don't come into 7-11 for sodas - You get ICEEs." We freaked out.

All I thought about on the way home was if I was going to it sign autograph tattooed or not. It did not take me too long to decide that I was going to get it done, as you can see below.

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I am just a fan. Morrissey is just a fan of many things as well but you would never call him a stalker. Look at the pictures below. He is just like all of us. A fan. A fan who may have loved to have met James Dean, or Oscar Wilde, etc.